Jean Flanagan

science education & communication

Selected photos

Sapphie in the Blizzard

January 2016, Washington, DC

Sapphie by Boundary Bridge

October 2015, Washington, DC

Boundary Bridge Trails

October 2015, Washington, DC

US Botanic Garden Workshop

April 2015, US Botanic Garden

Tulip Study

March 2015, Washington, DC

Sunset Pines

December 2014, Southeastern Virginia


November 2014, Washington, DC

Rescue Dogs

Spring-Summer 2014, Washington, DC

Summer Flora

June 2014, Washington, DC

Spring in Mount Pleasant

April 2014, Mount Pleasant, DC

Early Spring Snow

March 2014, Lanier Heights, DC

House Sparrows

January 2014, Washington, DC

Spring Flowers in Northwest DC

June 2013, Washington, DC

Fall Leaves, Washington, DC

November 2012, Washington, DC

Catskill Mountains, NY

August 2012, Haines Falls, NY

Garden, Williamsburg, VA

July 2011, Williamsburg, VA

Tulip Study

March 2011, Washington, DC

Snow on the National Mall

January 2011, Washington, DC

Dutch Gap, Henricus, VA

November 2010, Henricus, VA

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