Jean Flanagan


Science Educator & Writer

Jean smiling at the camera, shot in black and white

Hello! I’m currently a Science Educator at BSCS Science Learning, a nonprofit organization based in Colorado Springs, CO. At BSCS we conduct education research, provide professional learning and leadership development for educators, and develop instructional materials. My focus at BSCS is in life sciences instructional materials development, with particular interests in biodiversity and conservation, coherence from the student perspective, and science education for civic readiness. I’m also an active participant in the organization’s working groups for equity and social justice and organizational culture.

Prior to BSCS I spent about 10 years in Washington, DC, working first for AAAS Project 2061 and later for the Smithsonian Institution. In my free time you’ll find me out on Colorado’s plentiful hiking trails with my camera, my partner Oliver, and our rescue dog, Sapphie.